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Magazine Feature

Guest writer

We Invite experts from all walks of health optimization to contribute in our magazine. Biohacking in its essence is to find new ways to optimize ourselves and a well researched article is a good place to start.

Cover Feature

Are you an expert in the Biohacking community? Do you want to feature on the cover of Biohackers Magazine? If so you are looking at the right place. We have features some of the biggest names in the biohacking community such as, 

Shawn Wells, Teemu Arina, Ben Greenfield, Mark Divine, Dr. Patrick Potter.

Brand Promotions

We also have advertisements in our magazine. As an organisation in the biohacking industry, you can market your products in our magazine. 



Social Media Marketing

We have a great community of people who are always on the look out for the latest deals and products in the biohacking industry. This puts us in a great position to recommend biohacking products to a great community of biohackers.

Brand Promotions

We have helped brands to grow and establish themselves in the biohacking industry. The realm of health optimization is very vast, and far reaching across the globe. We can help you reach the right people.

Community Development

We are experts in building connections, just ask the thousands of people in our community. We love to build a personal connection with our audience and develop a community that can help each other grow.

Work with us

Business Proposals

Affiliate Marketing

Although we are not found of affiliate marketing, we do tend to change our mind for certain brands that meet our community standards and are overall good for biohackers in general.

Brand Partnership

We are always open to work with new partners who can helps us grow and in turn benefit from our influence and connections. We like to form meaningful connections that can help everyone grow in the community of biohacking.

Media Partnership

We are media partners with alot of organisations in the biohacking community. Namely, Biohacking Congress, World Biohack Summit, KetoCon etc. We love to promote events, as it gives us a chance to interact with our fellow biohackers.

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