Thriving in Covid-19

Meet the authors

Kayla is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in
Neuro-psychophysiology to deepen her understanding and mastery of the brain/mind paradigm, which she calls
“the human operating system.” She also runs a Health Optimization Medicine practice out of Atlanta, GA. You can connect with her and the BioCurious community on

Instagram @BioCurious_Kayla or

check out the BioCurious
Podcast for interesting conversations with top biohackers from around the globe.

IG: biocurious_kayla
Podcast: biocurious

Born in France, Jean is an athlete,
entrepreneur, scientist, public speaker and
an Art collector. He is the founder and CEO of
Z-SC1 Corp and Cyborggainz. He is also the
author of “Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack
your Body Clock.” Jean holds a bachelor’s
degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree
in immunology and genetics, and an
engineering degree in biotechnology. He
has also studied neurosciences and brain
functionalities, and law and finances. He
is currently living in Montreal, Quebec with
his family where he uses his 20+ years of
experience as a business executive.


Patrick Huston is a World Record Holding
Northern Irish/British Archer who competes
for Team GB at the Olympic and World Level.
He holds 3 World Titles and numerous
international medals. Patrick is committed
to lifelong self-improvement, focusing
on physical and neural optimization He
is also the Founder of the #FreeTheHips
campaign. Patrick lives in Shropshire,
England with his Fiancé Jelly, their cat and
rabbit and eats a Dark Ages Farm Labourer
diet enhanced with BulletProof Principles
and other Biohacking concepts.

Instagram: Hustagrams

Former lawyer having stepped away
from a corporate life to become a
Primal Health Coach & Yin Yoga Teacher,
Charlène is Passionate about Hacking
body & mind and is an advocate of the
Paleo/primal nutrition & lifestyle.

Instagram: charlenegisele

Marco Grosch, the founder of Minimalist
Biohacker, based in Western Austria,
helps companies and high performers
to achieve their potential by applying
biohacking in combination with the
principles of minimalism. He believes that
biohacking should serve a purpose, not be
the purpose in itself and that the way we
are working and how companies operate
can be fundamentally improved by
focusing on less, but with more intention.
By analyzing the status quo of the body
and tracking changes, everybody can
make more accurate decisions in terms of
health, energy and productivity, thereby
saving time, money and energy.

Vanessa was born in Mexico, but has
more of a Colombian background. In
2014, she earned a scholarship at Florida
International University in Miami and
studied Mass Communication. However,
her interest has always been more about
the wellness industry. After noticing the
extreme improvement in health from
altering her environment to a healthier
space, as well as exercising and watching
her nutrition more, she became even more
enthralled by the industry. After finishing
college Vanessa moved to Australia where
she experienced respiratory allergies
that didn’t allow her to sleep and left her
with a lack of energy. After doing a lot of
research she bought an air and water
purifier, eliminating all the chemicals of
her environment using organic products.
She soon felt a positive change and
the respiratory allergies disappeared.
Vanessa has dreamed of doing a project
to help people thrive in their well-being
and after experiencing how the quality of
the environment affects her sleep cycle,
energy, health and vitality, she has now
chosen to focus on creating healthier
environments and raising awareness about
wellness spaces all over the world.

Sonal Patel is a Chef and Wellness
Educator working with families in the
UK and India to build conscious cooking
and lifestyle habits. After appearances
on Masterchef in the UK,she journeyed
to India to further explore the culinary
teachings of her rich ancestry and
Ayurveda. It was there where she started
Spice Chakra, a conscious food and wellbeing
company. As a mother of two boys
while living between two continents, her
current focus is on biohacking for children
and using food as a powerful medicine.
IG: spicechakra


Max Winter, the founder of Optiself, is an experienced Biohacker and works as a Health Optimization Coach, helping his clients to become the optimal versions of them
selves.Instagram: optiselfcoach
Twitter: Optiself

Jacklyn Nicolle, given the name by spirit,
“Not Your Average Healer”, has recovered
from a dehydrated state of living, into a
HIGHdrated state of being. During this
transition in her life she then became known
as the “Wata Warrioress” to help inspire,
educate and empower individuals to live a
healthier lifestyle through structured-living

Instagram- not.your.average.healer
Facebook: JacklynNicolle1111