Previously on Biohacker’s Update

    We were first founded in Germany and started with a global team of members from all over the world.


The idea of a magazine devoted to Biohacking was exciting and we were all filled with enthusiasm.

However, like they say, “Its easier said than done”.

We had a great team but none of us knew exactly how to run a start-up. By the time we had figured things out and got the first issue out, half of the team had already left the company. 

We had not even gotten over the joy of producing a good first issue when we got the news that our founder was quitting. 

We currently have no investment and are short on resources but we have always received a good response for the community. People like what we do, as many of you have told us via messages Instagram messages.

Due to this support, Dallas and I continued to work on this project without compensation. 

It is your support that has kept us going and we cannot continue without your support.

So we ask that you please keep supporting us.

Tell your friends about us, share our content with them or maybe consider donating a small amount towards our cause.

You are the reason we keep going.



We need your support 

We want to help people achieve the best version of themselves while optimizing themselves with science-based information.

We believe everyone has a right to this knowledge!

So we provide it for free.

However, ideas cannot fuel organizations and we need funds to continue. 

Help us get to the third issue!

                                                                                                      [wpedon id=1473]

Here is to many more issues and more biohacking!!

Until then stay safe, stay healthy.