What is Iridology and how can it change your life?

What is Iridology and how can it change your life?

“The eyes are the windows to your soul….” It’s a very famous saying. The eyes are in fact a window to your DNA code as well as a good map for determining if you have any problems with your body. By Problems, I am  referring to parasitic infections, heavy metal overload, microbe imbalances, lymphatic blockages and cholesterol problems. In today’s pandemic-stricken world, we can even use the eyes to give us clues about our own immune system’s well-being and preparedness to tackle such a foe as the now infamous, COVID-19 virus. 

You can see everything in the eyes, even personality characteristics determined by the fabric of one’s eye. We can even determine how quickly or how well someone will heal from a genetic flaw. Yes, I say genetic flaw because we inherit a lot of our genetic weaknesses from our parents. Things like Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle cell anemia, Marfan syndrome, Huntington’s disease and autoimmune diseases just  to name just a few – are all examples of genetic inheritance; and these are probably just the tip of the Iceberg. I’m an experienced Iridologist writing an article today to tell you that it’s possible to hack into your genetic code and cure your bloodline of these diseases with a detox using non-pharmaceutical drugs. I use mostly supplements, herbs and diets to fix whatever problems I observe in the patients I see. After all most ailments are just afflictions which have been inherited by a previous generation that did not eat properly or bother to detox before considering to birth a child. The children are born with not only the father’s afflictions but also the mother’s. Let me explain: A boy who has a stagnant lymphatic system goes out one night and meets a good looking girl in a bar. They decide to start dating and unbeknownst to him, she has a microbe imbalance. After some time the two of them decide to marry and have children. The child will be born with a stagnant lymphatic system and a microbe imbalance.

Iridology is just a very deep detox, killing anything in your body that prevents you from being you. When you go for an Iridology session the Iridologist will use a special camera and take a photo of your eyes very much like the one here. With this photo they will be able to determine what needs to be detoxed out of your body without using pharmaceutical drugs. Everything will be natural as this science is traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine. Both of these philosophies are all Herbal practices, not Western medicine. 

We incorporate superfoods such as Moringa, Coconut oil, fermented foods, as well as supplements and herbs, like Burdock root, Vitamin B12 and Diatomaceous Earth. We also especially focus on healing diets, as well as things like saunas, steam rooms and massage. We go back to very ancient ways of healing before the times of Big Pharma. We do away with the mindset of just popping  a pill to fix an affliction by actually digging deeper to find causes, rather than just treating symptoms. If you go to a G.p and tell them you have a headache they will most likely  just give you a pill like Paracetamol, which is a mild painkiller. However if you go to an Iridologist they will dig deeper and ask themselves, why do you actually have the headache? And What’s causing the headache? Let’s look at that and treat that rather.

Most people are given a very strong immune system, one that is more than capable of fighting off any serious infections before they start to take hold. If your immune system is working properly things like the Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Flu and Pneumonia will be destroyed long before you show any symptoms of having these diseases. The problem however, is  due to eating poorly and toxin overloads like heavy metals, fungus and microbe imbalances. This leads to our immune systems not functioning properly which leaves us open to attacks from these pathogens.  

In Iridology and Natural Medicine we look to build up peoples natural immune systems by making changes to the way you eat, detoxing fungi, correcting any microbe imbalances which could’ve been caused by taking too many Antibiotics, and detoxing Heavy Metals out of your body like Mercury, Sulfur or Copper. We bring your body back into its natural state and restore the balance to make it the fighting, impenetrable machine it was meant to be.

Claire Svoboda was born and studied Sports Therapy in South Africa, She has been actively involved in Alternative healing from a very young age. Claire has worked alongside Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Herbalists and Counselors healing together as a team to help patients get back on track through an alternative treatment to Western medicine. After moving to the UK, Claire enrolled in an Iridology and Natural Medicine Course through the School of Natural Medicine where she learned to combine her body Therapy techniques with Natural Medicine. Her approach to healing is a holistic approach where she aims to find and deal with causes rather than symptoms.