Karolina’s interest in biohacking started after she suffered from depression and anxiety at a young age. She hated the way antidepressants made her feel in the long term and so she decided to look for more natural ways of making herself feel good again. After years of experimenting with various techniques, together with a herbalist and nutritionist, she created THEENK TEA – a complete program designed to support the brain function, naturally.
  1. What has been your journey between your area of expertise and biohacking?

My journey with biohacking and wellbeing started during my final year of University and after I went on to do my internships. I wanted to be an events manager and straight after uni I went on to work at some big festivals ( up to 500 000 people). I quickly discovered that the industry is extremely stressful and often toxic. Many people had to take smart drugs to stay on their feet during the day and something to help them relax and fall asleep during the night. I then knew that this is not for me. I’ve experienced panic attacks and anxiety and having suffered from depression few years earlier I knew I couldn’t lead my life this way. All those experiences made me look for a natural alternative to smart drugs and antidepressants. I wanted to create something that could naturally improve mental wellbeing and would be easy to use. That’s when my journey with biohacking and wellbeing had started. A few years later I launched THEENK TEA.

  1. What is your favorite quote?

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein

  1. If there was only one thing you could share with the world, from your knowledge, what would it be?

“If you listen to your body when it whispers you won’t have to hear it scream!”. Focus on prevention and mindfulness in your daily activities. Everything you do can either support your health, wellbeing and your goals or do the opposite! If you do something that’s not right for you your body will tell you – the key is to listen and act on it.

  1. What’s the most important value you hold yourself to?

Never be ashamed for who I am

  1. What is your favorite biohack?

It changes quite often but I’m recently looking into various ways of looking after my skin. I’ve recently started using probiotic on my face every day and I can’t recommend it enough! My skin feels plump, moisturized and healthier than ever! All you need to do is mix the contents of one capsule of prebiotic with 3 tbsp of Greek yogurt and a tsp of honey. Use it as a face-mask every evening. This should last you for at least a few days – remember to keep the mixture in the fridge!

  1. What are some of your favourite hobbies?

Outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking, wild swimming. I also love to travel and experience new cultures and practise yoga!

  1. What’s your favorite book and why?

There’s quite a few books I like to go back to but in terms of self-improvement and biohacking, I must say that “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferries is a goldmine. It’s got hundreds of interviews with some of the most successful people on the planet who are sharing the exact tools they’ve been using to get them where they are today. A must-read for any biohacking enthusiast!

  1. What is your must-have biohacking item in your house?

At the moment I’m learning a lot about Ayurveda and one of my new fave tools is a tongue scraper. Tongue scraping helps us remove the toxins which have accumulated on the tongue overnight so that we don’t get them back into the system!