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A Textile Designer-turned-Chef and Wellbeing Nutritionist, Sonal Patel is a leading expert in areas ranging from Ancestral diets and Ayurveda, Fashion, Design, Art, Acting, and traveling! Learn more about her fascinating life and insightful view of the world by clicking here.
A positive psychologist practicing in the UK and Spain, Fiona takes her clients outside for walk and talk sessions, introducing individuals, families and companies to fundamental biohacking through her programme 'Nature Sense - Going outside to feel good Inside'.  Learn more here!
Joonas’ interest in biohacking rose when he was in his teens and went to study evidence based medicine for 4 years. Specialized in musculoskeletal problems, he has had his own clinic since 2014, but is still studying everyday. He is now pursing an online international BBA degree and has plans to only continue growing in his field. Instagram: @joonasjaatinen_
Max Winter, the founder of Optiself, is an experienced Biohacker and works as a Health Optimization Coach, helping his clients to become the optimal versions of themselves. He stands behind the point that there is an innate intelligence in nature and in ourselves that also needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to healing and self-optimization. optiselfcoach.com Instagram: optiselfcoach Twitter: Optiself
Karolina’s interest in biohacking started after she suffered from depression and anxiety at a young age. She hated the way antidepressants made her feel in the long term and so she decided to look for more natural ways of making herself feel good again. After years of experimenting with various techniques, together with a herbalist and nutritionist, she created THEENK TEA - a complete program designed to support the brain function, naturally.